Lacey Township

Emergency Medical Services

For Emergencies dial 9-1-1


Commonly asked questions:

Q: Do I need experience?
A: No experience is necessary. However, being a fully credentialed EMT is.

Q: What are the requirements to apply for a compensated position?
A: You must be a fully credentialed EMT and successfully complete the application process. If you are not a credentialed

NREMT or NJ EMT we can assist with getting your EMT license.

Q: I'm currently in EMT school, can I still apply?
A: If you're currently an EMT student we encourage you to begin the application process prior to completing EMT school to secure a position with us. An offer of employment may be extended contingent upon you securing your EMT license after you successfully complete the application process.

Q: What is the application process like?
A: Initially, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions during a meet and greet. If you are still interested, you will complete an application and personal history statement. If your application is accepted, you will be scheduled for an in-depth interview. Thereafter, your background will be investigated, your references will be questioned, and you will submit to a drug screen. After these steps have been completed, we will then make a decision regarding your application. You should know Lacey Township EMS is an equal opportunity employer and strictly adheres to all state and federal hiring and employment laws. Diverse candidates are encouraged to apply.

Q: If I'm accepted as a compensated employee what would happen next?
A: You would work as a probationary EMT while we evaluate your skill set and if needed, provide additional training/coaching. After completing the probationary period you will go into the normal schedule rotation.

Q: What if I am or will be an EMT but under 18 years of age?

A:You may apply to become a volunteer EMT cadet as a provisional EMT. This would be an excellent training experience for you. Your performance as a provisional EMT cadet will likely allow you to transition into a compensated position on your eighteenth birthday.

Q: I'm an EMT and attending college, do you have positions for students?
A: Yes, in fact this is an ideal position for a college student. Not only is our scheduling flexible, on-duty shifts often allow for productive use of time.

Q: How much do you pay compensated team members?
A: Our full-time EMTs start at $50K annually. We also provide healthcare benefits including prescription and dental coverage. 

Q: What is it like to work for Lacey Township EMS?
A: We are unlike any other EMS agency in the area. We have a dynamic progressive culture and our team members are highly committed. We have the best in class equipment and don't cut corners. Our headquarters and vehicles are immaculate. We expect everyone to bring their very best each day. If you're looking for an EMS agency where you can sleep most of your shift, come to work sloppy, be minimally engaged and do as little as possible we are not for you. A day here is like spending the day with friends doing something you enjoy and being compensated for it.

Q: What is the leadership team like?
A: The leadership team has extensive EMS, business and management experience. We strive to provide an excellent employee experience and we don't treat our team members like a number or body. We also strongly believe people should not have to sew two and three part-time jobs together to make one livable wage. Work life balance is important to us and we believe well cared for EMTs take the best care of those we serve.

Q: Do you hire per-diem team members?
A: No. Although many agencies utilize per-diem employees we feel per-diem team members are often minimally invested and don't form the close working relationships required to build a solid team.

Q: Do you have part-time team members?
A: In very limited cases we may consider a part-time team member. However, most of our team is full-time.

Q: Are you volunteers?

A: Effective October 1, 2018 we primarily rely on compensated staff. Previously, someone needing life saving help would dial 911 and have to wait until the the call was dispatched. Then, EMTs drove from their home to our headquarters, waited for the crew to assemble then got the ambulance and drove to the person in need. This wasted critical time. Volunteering is noble, kind, and honorable; however, we felt it was in the best interest of the community to have a NJ Department of Health licensed ambulance with two EMTs (we do not utilize a driver/EMT combination) respond much more quickly with a NJ licensed ambulance and two licensed EMTs than continue the tradition of all volunteerism. Our headquarters is now staffed 24/7 and ready to respond within a moments notice. Compensated staff has also allowed us to retain the best quality personnel.

If you are interested in a position with Lacey EMS, or have any other questions e-mail us today