Lacey Township Emergency Medical Services
Lacey Township EMS - PO Box 289 Forked River NJ 08731
Commonly asked questions:

Q: Do I need experience?
A: No experience is necessary. However, we do requirement commitment, dedication and compassion.

Q: Do I have to pay anything?
A: Initially a small cost for your training book. However, after six months of service you will be reimbursed.

Q: I work a lot, have a family and other responsibilities. Would I really have time to help?
A: Yes! Absolutely, we never “close” twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week we are “open” therefore, flexibility is easy!

Q: After I complete my orientation and training what would be next?
A: We will slowly acclimate you to riding on the ambulance. It would be quite some time before you were ever thrust into a situation where you were
making critical decisions affecting someone’s life. We promise - we will make sure you're ready!

Q: I don’t think I can handle "blood and guts." Is there a lot of that?
A: You would be surprised at what you could “handle” after receiving the proper training and exposure to different experiences under supervision. However, the “blood and guts” aspect is pretty rare and definitely not the norm. We can't promise you that you won't see "bad" things. However, if you do - we will be there for you.

Q: I remembered it being called "First Aid Squad" what changed?
A: Through advancements in training, technology and pre-hospital care we provide much more than first aid. The new name Emergency Medical Services otherwise referred to as EMS more closely describes our duties and responsibility.

Q: Are there age or educational requirements?
A: Sixteen years old is the minimum age to become a cadet (junior member). Don’t let their age fool you though. We currently have multiple members under the age of eighteen who have successfully completed the NJ State EMT training program and are certified Provisional Emergency Medical Technicians. However, because they are under 18 these members are supervised very closely. We have also had many retirees serve and we need people with day-time availability the most! There is no age maximum. We do not have an  education requirement.

Q: What if I don’t want to ride on the ambulance but what to help. Is there a place for me?
A: Absolutely! We need help with many different things from administrative functions, fund raisers, care and maintenance of our headquarters, you name it! If you have the desire, we have a job for you.

Why watch EMT's and ambulances on television when you can actually be doing it in Lacey? Keep in mind the television version isn't reality and it's usually not quite as exciting. 

We really do need you. Yes YOU, the one reading this.

Below are some of the most common questions we are asked. However, if you have other questions or are interested in joining please e-mail us today for the fastest response.

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